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Amoy Street


Asking Price (SGD)

$4.50 to $5.50

Per Sq Ft


Amoy Street is a one-way street located within Chinatown, within the Outram district in Singapore, starting at its junction with Telok Ayer Street and McCallum Street and ending with its junction with Pekin Street (now a pedestrian mall). It is intersected by Boon Tat Street and Cross Street. Amoy Street is one of the old streets developed during the 1830s defining Chinatown under Stamford Raffles' 1822 Plan. It was listed in George Drumgoole Coleman's 1836 Map of Singapore as "Amoi Street", which was probably a reference to the many migrants who came from Amoy.

The street was also known colloquially as Free School Street because the Cui Ying School was built here in 1854. It was in one of the shophouses here (Number 70) that the first Anglo-Chinese School was started on 1 March 1886. The shophouse has since been marked as a historic site.


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