Do I need to pay commission to agent for renting an office space in Singapore?

No. It is a free service for prospective tenant. All commissions are paid by landlord.

What is the required security deposit for renting an office space in Singapore?

Standard practice is 3 months of nett rental amount (without Goods & Services Tax).

Different landlords have different terms and conditions. If your company is newly set up or has a paid-up capital of less than 6 months of the total gross rental, many major landlords would request for a 6 months deposit instead.

When should I start looking for a new office space before my present lease expires?

It is generally advisable to start looking for an office space 3 ~ 4 months before your lease expires.

However for larger office spaces (10,000 sqft and above), we would recommend a 9 ~ 12 months window to source for an office space.

What is rent free period?

It is also known as fit out period. It is a common practice in the Singapore commercial market where the landlords allow the new tenant to take over the premises earlier without any charges for renovation purposes.

How long will a rent free period be?

Commonly, the rent free period will be one month. However, this may differ in accordance to the size and condition of the office unit.

Do I need to purchase insurance for my rented office space in Singapore?

Most landlords will require tenants to take up adequate insurance policies.

Does the Singapore office rental price include air-conditioning and service charges?

Commonly, your monthly rental amount includes air-conditioning and service charges. However, do note that there are some office spaces (e.g. shophouses etc.) where air-conditioning charges are not included.

Are there any hidden costs that I need to be aware of when renting an office space in Singapore?

There are some costs that you will need to bear in mind when renting an office space in Singapore such as the Stamp Duty, Administration/Legal Cost for preparing the Tenancy Agreement and Goods & Services Tax (GST). They are not hidden costs as the landlords will inform you of the exact amount before signing the Tenancy Agreement.