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Commercial Property Search

Singapore Office Search is an agency that specializes in helping businesses find their best office space for rent in Singapore.

We cover all established office buildings and are independent in offering our clients professional and honest advice. With more than 10 years experience in serving both local and overseas clients, we understand very well the needs of our clients and take pride in helping them overcome the different challenges in office rental and re-location. 

Market Updates 

The Singapore office rental market is constantly influenced by international, political and economical events. Our long term relationships with various major landlords in Singapore enable us to have the latest market updates and office rental price trend. We are also well-informed with PRE-LISTED/NON-LISTED office spaces available for rent. As such, our clients will always be able to make an informed decision when presented with a wide range of choices.

One-Stop Service

We offer a one-stop service offering tenants a comprehensive range of services as follows:

(a) Sourcing of Ideal Office Space

(b) Solution to Clients' Office Needs

(c) Professional Negotiation on Office Rental

(d) Drafting of Contractual Agreement

(e) Handing/Taking Over Office Space

(f) Lease Renewal

(g) Test-Fitting / Renovation Referral / Costing

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